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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Digital Tactics for Growth

Once a marketing strategy is in place the next thing to do is to start implementing it, testing it and measuring its results. Most marketing strategies will require applying a combination of tactics. The most common tactics that we implement for our clients are:

• Inbound Content Creation
• SEO, Paid Media, Social Media
• Email Marketing
• Funnel Optimization
• Event Marketing, Video Marketing
• Authority Building

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Effective sales & marketing efforts, of course, need to start with a good plan. We will put together a strategy to guide every aspect of the sales & marketing execution work. The strategy typically includes:

• Buyer persona analysis
• Buyer’s journey discovery
• Competitive Positioning
• Messaging
• Go-to-market Plan
• Channels & Partners strategy

Conversion Optimization

We will be working day by day on optimizing every step of your customer acquisition machine (“funnel”). We will present to you our insights and growth hacking ideas on a weekly and monthly basis, and we will continuously run experiments to validate the effectiveness of every marketing tactic that we implement. The result you should expect is continuous growth and improvement in every aspect that we target together.

Implementation & Integration

Penguin specializes in implementing your whole ‘Marketing Stack’. That includes all the parts of the technology that you would need in order to have an optimized customer acquisition machine. That typically includes building and maintaining the some or all of the following elements:

• Marketing Automation
• Website Development
• CRM Setup & Integration
• Sales Funnel Implementation
• Sales Enablement

Ready to innovate?

We produce high-quality code by following best practices laid out by industry giants and staying up to date on the latest evolution in technology frameworks. Give us a call, write us an email.